PARKERSBURG – Imagine. Sleeping in your car every night, walking to work in the pouring rain, having to wash in public restrooms, and wondering where your next meal will come from.

Imagine.  Having to stay in well-lit areas in fear of being mugged, raped, or possibly worse. Going to work with the fear that someone will find out your secret, judging you for stigmas society has placed upon people in your situationFullSizeRender.

Imagine.  Only being able to use terms like I and me because thus far in your life the world has never shown you we and us.

Imagine. Waking up knowing today would be easier spent falling closer to the bottom rather than trying to pick yourself up.

Imagine. You are homeless.

This week a young couple no longer endures the above statements you have been asked to imagine.  As of March 31st, 2017 a key to an apartment was handed to the young family.  The term “home” is now an adjective they can use to describe a one bedroom apartment.  The young couple has/is working diligently with Community Resources, Inc. in their newly revamped Case Management program.  Maegan Gaver, Case Management Program Coordinator at Community Resources states, “Case management allows the case managers to develop a relationship consisting of trust, honestly, motivation, and empowerment.  All of these things are factors that contribute to the success of our program.”

Experiencing homelessness for years the young couple was asked to create a list of needs for their new home.  To Community Resources staff members surprise the list consisted of a shower curtain, two towels, and smell-good shampoo.  The young couple had been present to every scheduled meeting on-time, both obtained full-time employment, opened a savings account, paid fines, completed budgeting, and offered to volunteer multiple times with Community Resources.  Taking all of this into consideration James Dismond the case manager assigned to the young couple coordinated efforts with Melissa Ogden, FaithLink CoordinatoFullSizeRender (1)r at Community Resources to furnish the apartment.

As the young couple pulled into their new homes parking lot, Melissa and James had two trucks waiting with these items: kitchen table and chairs, new mattress and box springs, bed frame, decorative pictures, rugs, and a laundry basket filled with household items.

With emotions on high the young woman hugged Dismond with gratitude and disbelief utterly these words, “Never in my life have I had someone to believe in me, offer support, and be my
cheerleader, this seems like a dream.”  They climbed the stairs and the couple inserted the key, the locked turned with hesitation and a deep breathe she turned the knob.  As the door opened and tears filled her eyes one could tell in that moment relief and belief were finally felt.

The success here is a young couple up against the odds overcame many obstacles with the support of a local agency to reach sufficiency. They now have a foundation to begin a path towards career success, educational goals, and so much more.

Imagine.  A young couple experiencing homelessness becomes housed.

This happened.