“Peace Begins With Me”

“Peace Begins With Me”

Children of Franklin Elementary School recited “Peace begins with me” as yoga instructor Amy Snodgrass conducted the second Project Yoga class early last week.  Yoga has been highly oppositional when being implemented into schools but Snodgrass states, “Life is so busy with every minute scheduled one hour of relaxation techniques, calming music, and reciting of positive statements can be highly beneficial without crossing any religious boundaries.”

A few months ago, Project Yoga began visualizing, discussing, and organizing relationships with local schools and yoga instructors. The goal to provide underserved and at risk communities with the therapeutic and healing benefits of yoga.  Teaching students how to reduce stress, increase flexibility, and improve their emotional outlook.  Project Yoga MOV was founded by Cheryl McHugh.  Project Yoga partnered with Community Resources, Inc. to have a local community impact contact.  Community Resources development coordinator James Dismond told us, “CRI looks to help families with a holistic approach, with our mission focusing on communities and families becoming self-sufficient, yoga can be a tool to help with the emotional needs of a family working towards self-sufficiency.”

The six weeks Yoga series pairs reciting of quotes with special breathing techniques to calm the body and mind. Snodgrass said, “When you seeing the children come in rambunctious with energy but then watch them become quiet, calm, and collected its empowering.”            

Amy Snodgrass, Community Resources Representative and Certified Yoga Instructor, will complete the six weeks’ series in late spring alongside Cheryl McHugh, Project Yoga founder.  For more information contact Snodgrass at Community Resources, Inc. 304-485-5525


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