“CRI helps to create affordable opportunities for individuals and families to live in a warm and safe environment. The goal is to help individuals and families secure safe and affordable housing.”

Home Buyers Education

The Homebuyer Education Program is designed to promote long term homeownership by providing ongoing training and counseling inclusive of all aspects of purchasing a home.

Community Resources, Inc. has been providing Homebuyer Education to community residen

ts for several years.  This program helps homeowners and potential homeowners acquire skills necessary to sustain their home over the life of the mortgage.

Homebuyer Education is available to anyone regardless of income or homeownership status.  Our HUD-certified housing counselors facilitate an eight hour class, giving borrowers knowledge on purchasing property and sustaining their property. Borrowers are given materials and methods on budgeting and credit, how to shop for a mortgage loan, how to shop for a home and how to maintain their home and finances after a purchase.  During the workshop, participants will gain knowledge over the following topics:

  • Pros and Cons of Homeownership
  • Pre-Qualification (Debt to Income Ratio)
  • How to improve credit score
  • What documents you get at closing
  • Predatory Lending
  • Foreclosure Prevention
  • Shopping for a home
  • Getting a Mortgage Loan
  • Understanding Credit
  • Maintaining your home

For a complete listing of our homebuyer education workshop locations and times or to reserve your spot if you are interested in participating in the homebuyer education workshop, call our office at 304-485-9238 or email Rebecca Malone.  CRI REALITY WEBSITE

Credit Counseling

Community Resources, Inc.can help you develop a clear path to your financial future and guide you to home ownership. Whether you need help reviewing your credit report or understanding savings and banking.

Onsite System Loan Program (OSLP)

  • This loan is used to repair/replace septic systems or connect households to public sewer treatment systems
  • A 2% interest loan paid back over a 10 year period
  • First time home buyer counseling
  • Helping individuals demonstrate an improved credit score
  • Assisting individuals and families in completing the first steps toward their first home purchase
  • Aid people in purchasing their home of choice

Home Repair and Preservation

  • Repairing, renovating or rehabilitating homes that have safety hazards
  • Repairing, renovating or rehabilitating homes to improve emergency energy situations

Rehab Loan

  • Providing low interest loans to help repair, renovate or rehabilitate homes that have safety hazards such as a roof, windows, siding.
  • The interest rate can be as low as 1% market rate, but will vary by income level.

Community Housing Development Organization(CHDO)

CRI is building several homes located throughout 10 counties in West Virginia. These homes will be partially financed through CRI’s Affordable housing loan program.




Homes and Properties for Sale

904 State St Harrisville, WV for $140,000.00
254 Chelsea St Sisterville, WV for $89,000.00
254 Chelsea St Sisterville, WV for $89,000.00