Mindful West Virginia

Peace Begins With me

providing access to mindfulness through yoga to people of all ages in communities across the stateĀ 

Mindful West Virginia developed out of a growing need for mindfulness training within workplaces and schools throughout West Virginia. Using grant money from Try This West Virginia and CSBG, Amy Snodgrass (Community Resources) and Pamela Santer (WVUP) established a mindfulness training program within the Wood County school system. During this program, teachers are given Classroom Emotional Response Training (CERT) in order to help their students improve focus, impulse control, self-awareness, and decrease anxiety. Mindful west Virginia also provides Kidding Around yoga classes for elementary students, as well as yoga classes at the middle and high school levels. The goal of the program is to teach individuals of all ages how to manage stressors mindfully in order to succeed in a hectic world.

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